Shelly Baptise and John Baptise

Prior to, I had never dated before and had just come out of an eight-year relationship; John had also just ended a relationship. My roommate at the time created my profile and convinced me to join, and John joined after a 5 year marriage ended in divorse. Before we began communicating, I had undergone several wretched Dates over the course of a few weeks. John says I was “his first and last flirt on Prominent singles” Our first exchange went as follows: He said, “I really like your profile, and you seem very artsy. I’d love to take you out sometime,” to which I responded, frustrated from my last male encounter, with “oh, no thanks. I’m actually in the process of canceling my subscription. Not interested.” His unique (dare I say sexy!) response was, “I’m not asking you to marry me, I’m asking you to coffee.” At that point, I knew he was a keeper and agreed to meet him. John Dear and I had a phenomenal first date (close to six hours!), but were both anxious. We met at a local coffee joint that was closing up (I was a jerk and purposely late), but the owner was sweet enough to let us hang out as she cleaned because she could tell we were on a date. It was clear there was an immediate attraction between us – physically and emotionally. We talked non-stop! I admired how transparent he was about everything, despite being quite the opposite of what I ever saw myself dating. I was the “goody two-shoes” and he the “rebel.” Once the generous coffee shop owner was ready to leave, we decided to continue our evening at the restaurant next door. That also wasn’t enough! So, we walked up and down Little Italy in downtown New Orleans, arms entwined, and ended the night with a steamy make-out session – twice! Describe the moment you knew it was true love! John and I come from different upbringings and have experienced life quite differently than other; however, our close family bonds, Judaism, career goals, morale and sense of humor (among others) have always been aligned. We knew we loved one another not long after we began officially dating, and expressed it during a challenging time (yet another reason why I knew he was a keeper). I knew right away that I loved Todd in a way I’ve never loved anything or anyone before because of his imperfections. He puts things into perspective for me when I can’t see straight; he makes time and finds creative ways to help me when he has other pressing matters to handle; he has an uncanny devotion to his family, friends and career; but, above all things, he makes me laugh every day. Since we started dating, we lived together for two years, adopted a beautiful, loving dog named Rover, and our careers have taken off! Life is the best it’s ever been, and will only get better with him by my side … especially as my husband! What advice would you give other Prominent singles It’s easy to know right away if someone isn’t right for you; trust your instincts. When you’ve met the right one, they will make you laugh, love and learn in a way you never thought possible, and you feel it every day. Keep an open mind, and take risks. My cousin and his wife also met on Prominent singles they are now 6 years married with three kid's if you include there dog lol